How to create a monitor

New Monitor

A monitor is the resource in which your website or API is monitored. When you specify a monitor you do so by providing details about the URL or IP you wish to monitor as well as an escalation policy, adding this policy allows you to have multiple people on call for a single monitor or just one person. 


Each person that is part of a policy must set their notification settings to be able to receive notifications about a failing monitor. You can find out how to set your notification settings here.


Before creating a monitor you need to make sure you have set your notification settings as well as created at least one policy you wish to use for this monitor.


To create a monitor you can go to this link and fill in the required fields. The monitor name is a name for you to easily identify your monitor internally. Setting the status to inactive is a good way of preparing your monitors ahead of time – before you want them live – once you want to change this just edit the monitor.


The type of monitor you select will change if your have an alert dispatched for SSL monitoring. The monitor interval options you have is determined by your subscription plan, if you would like to have a more frequent monitor you can upgrade your plan to at least the ‘Growth’ plan by going to your company settings or contacting your account administrator.


Finally you can select the escalation policy that you wish to attach to this monitor. This policy must be created in advance as set out above. Clicking on the input will display a list of policies for you to select from.


Now just save and you have a new monitor created. 

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