Customizing your notification settings

Notification Settings

In order to receive notifications you must first set your notification settings. You have the option of email, sms or calls, you get to pick which one(s) work well for you and in which order the notifications come in.


You need to also select the amount of time for how long after the alert or previous notification that the next one be sent out.  Your total notification time cannot exceed 5 minutes or the default action of escalating to the next person in your on call policy will occur. 


See how to create a policy here.


To set up the basic notification settings you first select email as your first contact method then select a time for how long after the alert is generated that you would like the email sent to you. 


If you wish to have more notifications sent out than the first one you need to fill out the second and third contact methods as well as times.

In order to select calling or sms messages you must have already added your phone number to allow us to send the notifications.

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