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What drove the creation of Page An Engineer

What drove the creation of Page An Engineer I’ve been asked by a few people who are wondering why I started Page An Engineer (PAE), let’s go over some of the reasons why. I am a serial entrepreneur that has … Read More

One person on call is a critical issue

Many companies both small and large often are far from acceptable when it comes to their on-call rotations. Quite a few companies only have one person in their “rotation”, if you can even consider that a rotation.   So why … Read More

User Management

User management is an important aspect to monitoring your website, without adding in other users you are unable to add them to escalation policies which means the account administrator is the only one who will be receiving notifications about a … Read More

Resolving Alerts

Resolving alerts is one of the core actions you can do in Page An Engineer. Alerts occur when a monitor fails, these are sent out to those in the escalation policy for the failing monitor. When a user receives a … Read More

How to create a monitor

A monitor is the resource in which your website or API is monitored. When you specify a monitor you do so by providing details about the URL or IP you wish to monitor as well as an escalation policy, adding … Read More

Customizing your notification settings

In order to receive notifications you must first set your notification settings. You have the option of email, sms or calls, you get to pick which one(s) work well for you and in which order the notifications come in.   … Read More

How to set up a policy

An escalation policy is a resource in which you define who is included in the notification loop when a monitor fails. You can select multiple people to be in your escalation policy, these policies are required for creating a monitor.  … Read More

Changing your company plan

Changing your billing plan on Page An Engineer is simple and easy to do. First you need to make sure that there is an active payment method attached to your account. Following attaching a payment method you go to this … Read More