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Our Mission

Page An Engineer's mission is to create a simple easy to use platform that enables our customers to monitor their websites or apis and have proper alerting sent to them in the event of an outage. We want you to be up and serving your customers, let's work together to make sure that happens. Page An Enigneer is designed for teams and monitoring/alerting, meaning we focus on the people just as much as we focus on the technology. We know our customer's employees and users are unqiue and we cater to them with management solutions. We believe in all businesses the end product is people.


Our monitoring solution checks frequently for the status of your website to see if it's up or down.


Getting the proper alert with the details of what has happened is critical to getting your website back up for your customers.

Not Always Sunny

We all have experienced an outage whether that be on our own website or on someone else's.

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